Food Dudes and School Gardens – Part 1

How do we get kids to eat more fruits and vegetables?

As a researcher studying methods for measuring children’s fruit and veggie consumption, I hear this question A LOT. There are many interventions currently taking place in schools that aim to improve what children eat. One of my favorite school-based interventions that I have read about is entitled “Food Dudes”(link) and was designed by researchers in England (when). One of the ways in which this program has successfully improved children’s diets is through peer role modeling. A team of four “Food Dudes” are featured in videos where they must save the world using the vitality they gain from eating fruits and vegetables. I won’t give away anymore. Just watch the video…

My, my – this is certainly a ridiculous and corny video. (Personally, it brings me back to the days of Captain Planet (link)). But, believe it or not, this is also one of the most successful school interventions. So what might this program have in common with school teaching gardens? Stay tuned until tomorrow to hear my thoughts on this…

more on the intervention. how does it compare to the school garden model for improving what kids eat. how about the peer role modeling? do students taste something when their friends do. connect this post to a FN (and link to this post) that hypothesizes the role of school gardens in the school. I could use my research review of school gardens to help address this. What are the angles by which the school garden might change behavior? any anecdotal stories from FBG on kids who end up eating more f/v from the garden after they see their friends doing so??

share link to pun video of fruits and vegetables- a garden education opportunity in disguise? could share link to website as well and talk about some of the activities held by Michael… maybe even have him write me a short summary of the current projects which I could quote from.

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